Asia Instant Electric Water Heater 15 GLN

13,50000 7,00000

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Silent Feature

  • 1. Unique Design, mini-type used everywhere.
  • 2. Automatically Control: supply the cold water, heat and maintain temperature.
  • 3. Twin Function Safety Value.
  • 4. High-density Glass Wool insulation.
  • 5. Heatproof pure white plastic panel.
  • 6. Steel Chrome high-pressure pipe.
  • 7. Power Controlling button.
  • 8. The Highest temperature is no more than 80c.

Product Description:

Wattage  Energy Saving
Voltage 220V – 50HZ
Inner Tank Galvanized Sheet
Mounting Vertical
Grantee 1 Year Tank Grantee
Model Asia 15 GLN


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